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APT Property Management is fortunate to have a bespoke system which was designed by our accountant Tom Madge: the Property Bible. Many systems used by property management companies focus either on Property Management or accounting, rather than both, which is why so often information is not easily and readily available for Leaseholders when they request it. The Property Bible was designed to be useful for both accountants and Property Managers.


Each client's Property Bible contains all the information for each property (size, location, management issues etc.) as well as each Leaseholders Service Charge account and any debt collection issues all in one place. It enables us to see exactly what’s been paid by any Leaseholder to date, keep on top of any ongoing issues at the development as a whole, and monitor the yearly budget to see what’s been spent so far and on what. The Property Bibles ensure that all the information we need as your Property Managers is easily accessible and clear, which means that we’ll always know what is going on at your development and will be able to provide you with a quick and efficient response to any query that you have.

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