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Additional Property Management Services

• Audit/Certification of annual accounts.

• Specification, tendering, running and supervision of larger maintenance and repair contracts (typically where S20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 applies – competitive tendering, notices, supervision etc.)

• Processing buildings insurance policy claims.

• Advise and assist a building through the Right to Manage process.

• Storage of company legal documents.

• Dealing with any matters arising out of defects within Leases and/or Deeds of Variation to Leases.

• Advise and attend a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) hearing.

• Formation of Limited Companies, amendment of Articles of Association, change of company name.

• Administrative costs incurred in connection with disputed matters which become protracted or involved – by agreement with the client company.

• Supplementary meetings.

• Professional fees of surveyors, engineers, architects, accountants etc. instructed by agreement of the client company (these costs being treated as expenditure items against the service charge fund).

• Responding to enquiries from solicitors at the time of sale or re-mortgage of flats.

• Receiving and processing notices of assignment/mortgage/charge.

• Processing and grant of Landlord’s Authorisations (for alterations etc.)

• Undertaking proceedings for the recovery of unpaid service charges or ground rent.

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